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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Services in Bangalore

A first impression is created by smile with individuals you see and interact. Common theory the brighter your smile the healthier your are. Everyone wish to have a perfect shiny and white smile. At our clinic we have ensured that people go back with healthy, bright and shiny smile in by scheduling a single appointment.

There are variety of reasons which can cause discolorations of teeth some of the common causes are smoking, too much intake of tea or coffee, medication after effects or with time and age teeth can get discoloured due to the natural aging process. With Tooth Whitening solutions at our clinic your can revive your old beautiful smile and bring back your youthfulness of white teeth.

Tooth Whitening also better know as Dental bleaching in dental terms is one of the most cost effective and traditional dental treatment available to rejuvenate your smile.

We are one of the best in class dentist to provide Teeth Whitening Treatment Bangalore India. The treatment effect can remain for several months or more than a year also however it is completely dependent upon the lifestyle and the oral hygiene of the patient after the treatment. Few things that contribute to diminish the effect early are smoking and excessive intake of tea and coffee. Also patient’s age and number of stains can contribute to decreasing the effect of tooth whitening however as earlier mentioned if you take proper care of your teeth it may last for a year or more.

Now a days majority of us are candidate for teeth whitening treatment. At Dentistree Advanced Dental Clinic, our dentists will be assessing your teeth and oral health to determine whether treatment is needed or not and advice accordingly

We assess each patient before recommending the teeth whitening treatment. It is also advisable to get cleaning done before teeth whitening treatment for better long term results. Our dentist will ask your concerns and expectations from the treatment, they will examine your overall health of teeth and gums to evaluate whether you will be benefited from treatment or not. They will also assess if there are any decays ,cavities or sensitivity that need to be filled before the treatment. any major sensitivities before getting your teeth whitened. One thing to note that existing dental works like crown, veneers and filling will not have any effect of teeth whitening treatment.

The treatment is completely safe for healthy teeth and your enamel will not get damaged due to the treatment. At Our clinic one of the best material is used which work effectively in removing the stain while not hurting upper layer of your teeth.

Depending upon lifestyle, oral health, and hygiene results may vary from individual to individual , but usually teeth whitening results can remain for a year. Our dentist will recommend periodic Top up treatments to keep your tooth shiny and healthy if you have a high intake of tea or coffee.

Feeling sensitivity is very common within 24 hours after the treatment. This usually subsides after one or two days of treatment. If you feel severe discomfort after the treatment which very unusual, In those cases our dentist will advise medicine to give u relief from the discomfort.

Taking care of your teeth after treatment is easy. Make sure you keep your oral hygiene clean, Brush your teeth twice on a daily basis using fluoride toothpaste, and floss after every meal. Please schedule your cleaning appointment every 6 months or follow the recommendation provided by our dentist. Too maintain the shine of your teeth avoid carbonated drinks and acidic food and reduce intake of tea or coffee.

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