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Pediatric Dentistry

Welcome to Dentistree Advanced Pediatric Dental Care…..

Dr Samreen Farrah Siddiqui, with a highly experienced consultants team have created Dentistree Advanced dental center as a centre for advanced Pediatric Dental Care Service Bangalore. While we are having young name and location, our quality, experience and reputation is best in class.

Our dentists are happy to see your loved one’s in the clinic. We ensure that the visit of your kid is fun living, focused and want to inform about the importance of Oral hygiene. Our aim is to keep your child relaxed and it should not be a scary experience for your child.

Current generation are growing with latest technology and any information is available at your fingertips, therefore we always keep ourselves update with technology changes and implement that in our treatment plan.We acknowledge that each parent is worried about their child’s Oral care . Our specialist dentist at Dentistree Advanced Dental Center are dedicated to provide highest level and quality treatment to your kid which will give comfort to both child and parent.

At Dentistree Advanced Dental Center we specializes in following treatment

  • Preventive Dental Treatment. Our dentist provide effective preventive measures that fights against tooth decay and cavities through Dental Sealants and  Fluoride treatment . One of the most effective treatment plan to make your tooth enamel strong and prevent any cavities or decay. A thin layer is painted on top of the tooth which resist any bacteria attack on your teeth.
  • Orthodontics – Pediatric – According to a research done by American Dental association it is identified that 7 years is a right age for a Orthodontic assessment for your kid. Our Orthodontic and pediatric expert build custom treatment plan so that your child have a happy, healthy smile in future.
  • Tooth Decay/Cavities Treatment – Cavities or tooth decay is one of the most common complain in your patient or children.Our treatment plan offers complete safety and comfort for your child and preventive measures will be advised and discuss to prevent tooth decay in future.
  • Teeth Injuries – One of the scariest experience for both parent and child is going over dental injuries. Our specialized dentist will take care of your displaced, fractured or teeth which is knocked out . Please call us as us as soon as possible because it is important to get help immediately , we can advise on how to deal with the situation.
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