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Prosthodontics deals with replacement or restoration of your missing or damaged teeth. Multiple procedure options are available in Prosthodontics to treat the lost tooth, this includes implants, fixing tooth through crown and bridges and Dentures which can be either partial or complete full mouth dentures. Various factors contribute to the loss of teeth. Some individuals are born without certain teeth while other loose either because of injury, regular wear or tear or not maintaining proper oral hygiene. Loosing tooth will cause both functional and aesthetic problems and might create undesired facial changes. This will effect your ability to chew food properly and may effect your confidence and self-respect. Our Dentist will use Eco-health friendly substitutes to implement treatment plan related to replacing your natural tooth either in part or in full. Some of them include

  • Crowns — Often in dental terms referred as caps, will replace the the entire visible tooth above gums. These are generally used after a complete root canal procedures, crowns are either made up of complete metal, ceramic crowns with metal inside or all ceramic crowns. These crowns comes with a different cost as per your requirement and also comes with a warranty period for a longer life. Crowns are  fixed using cement on top of a tooth which is treated after root canal or broken , fractured tooth.
  • Dental Implants — One of the gold standard in dentistry when you want to replace your entire tooth both roots and crown. A metal titanium post is fixed inside jaw through a minor procedure, this will automatically sync with jaw bone and provide a anchor for a crown which will last for life long. These can be used to fix either sing or multiple teeth or to support other type of treatment options. Implants are currently most expensive treatment method but can last for lifelong.
  • Fixed Bridges — One of the affordable treatment option which uses the existing healthy teeth on either side to support the artificial teeth created using ceramic or metal. Multiple crowns are created as a single unit and then fixed to the teeth on either side to give support to missing or broken teeth..
  • Dentures — These can be either partial or full mouth dentures and used to improve the chewing conditions of patients who have lost their tooth. A proper impression need to be taken of the mouth before a Denture is sent to lab for preparation so that it fit correctly in mouth. A patient need to go through an adjustment period for few days before they become comforatble chewing and eating while wearing dentures
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