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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

One of  the specialty of cosmetic dentistry is Smile makeover which is personalized according to each patient needs. Multiple treatment options are available for Smile designing or makeover this can be done either by teeth whitening, teeth repair or replacement, teeth straightening, veneers or teeth bonding etc. as and when required. This will significantly change your looks and people can see a bright smile on your face.

A perfect smile is one of the greatest asset which can effect self-confidence of an individual, self-respect & enhanced relationships. Beautiful smile is invaluable part of your personality and invariable it defines your happiness and success. Some of the common treatments for smile makeover include

  • Instant Smile Design : These are very common treatment in majority of patients this include either cleaning your stained teeth, fixing chipped tooth, filling of gaps or spaces between teeth. These are generally completed in a single visit and an extensive treatment is not needed.
  • Composite filling :  This procedure involve repairing broken or chipped teeth or have their look corrected by using a process called composite filling.
  • Whitening of teeth: Due to lack of cleaning and over a period of time you can see stains on your teeth. This can be because of various reasons either consuming too much coffee/tea or because of not taking care of your oral hygiene. Your smile will get enhanced with teeth whitening procedures.
  • Reshaping of your teeth : One of the best procedure for smile design in teeth contouring. The process involve either to reduce the height of the tooth or reshaping the teeth with the help of minimal grinding without the use of any restoration materials.
  • Comprehensive Smile Designing : This process involve a more detailed treatment plan as it include more than one cosmetic treatment procedure to enhance your smile . These procedures includes multiple visit to the clinic for a overall healthy smile.
  •  Veneers : These are laminates fixed on the surface of the tooth to correct chipped and cracked tooth. Veneers are also used to improve appearance if there is severe tooth discoloration. These are also used to fix gaps between your teeth.
  • Crowns : One of the important element in smile makeover is Ceramic crowns. This is an ideal option for patient who do not wish to opt for orthodontic treatment and want to repair crooked teeth.  One of the major advantages is that you can see instant results as compared to orthodontics which can take at least a year to show results.
  • Orthodontic treatment : As a general assumption it is common that orthodontic treatment can give best results for children and teen, however adults can also have orthodontic treatment done. Nowadays more and more adults are opting for this option to straighten their teeth.

Dentistree Advanced Dental Center is one of the most reputed clinic for smile designing in Bangalore. if u have any complains or reservations about your smile please feel free to come for a consultation.

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