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Orthodontics Treatment Bangalore India

Orthodontics is specialized branch of dentistry that deals with improving the alignment of jaws and teeth in order to make sure a healthy smile and Oral well being . Braces will be used in most of the cases to analyze, make treatment plan and correct/avoid irregularities of the teeth in future. Generally most of us have crowded teeth which effect in terms of how we smile or how we look. Orthodontist will work on straighten your teeth or through a detailed treatment plan will move them in a better position. After the treatment you will feel the difference in terms how your teeth are biting together, and also the cleaning is more easier according to your comfort. This is one of the advanced technological area which provides solutions to many problems including bad bide and other cosmetic issue. On your first appointment doctor will perform a regular checkup, will take few x-rays and  see your bite imprint to assess the root cause of the problem and then advice treatment plan accordingly.

Why Orthodontics is Needed

The way you bite is totally dependent upon how your teeth and jaws are positioned. Basically bite is all about the way you chew your food and how your bottom and top teeth coming together. If your bottom and top teeth is not fitting or meeting properly this leads to a condition of bad bite, generally missing, crowded or crooked teeth are few of the factors contributing to a bad bite .
Other general issue in teen include finger or thumb sucking can lead cases towards bad bite and effect the growth of your teeth. We are one of the leading dental clinic in terms of providing Orthodontic Treatment Bangalore India If the corrective action is not taken on a timely basis it may lead to wearing down some of the teeth and also sometimes it becomes hard to chew some food.
This can also cause strain on your muscle and dental pain. There is a high probability of getting teeth chipped or broken if it is sticking out, even it is harder to clean crowded or crooked teeth and may lead to cavities and gum disease. Having an will not only improve your smile and how you look it will definitely create a way for better Oral health. Some of the examples of bad bite include overbite, open bite or a cross bite. After the diagnosis is completed there are multiple treatment options to choose from. Some of the most common treatment includes 
  •  Fixed braces – In this case generally a ceramic or metal dental support is attached to each tooth, a wire is inserted into each of these support base to straighten your teeth. The orthodontist will adjust the wire regularly and eventually align your teeth. These braces need to be worn for specific period of time and will be completely removed when desired outcome is attained. Once that is done the orthodontist will remove your fixed braces.
  • Removable Gears – There are numerous options of removable gears available in orthodontics, headgears are available to correct overbites, retainers are used to improve teeth positions, and to correct an underbite facemasks are used.
  • Invisalign® – Clear aligners are the most advanced aligner currently in trend, these are easily removable and fully transparent. Because these are removable in nature these aligners do not interfere with your eating habits and work similarly to the metal or ceramic braces. Our Orthodontist will assess your oral health and will recommend whether you are suitable for clear align
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