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Invisalign in Bangalore

Now have your teeth straighten without to worry about how braces look on your face.

Get your teeth straighten and make a wonderful smile as a reality!

In the current technological advanced environment one of the closet and easiest way to straighten your teeth is through Clear aligners. These are invisible in nature and completely transparent which is all together different from traditional braces. This type of treatment uses removal and transparent plastic aligners to straighten your teeth and metal brackets or wires are not used in these type of  orthodontic treatment.

InvisalignTM  is one of the market leader brands in terms of providing transparent orthodontic aligner treatment. Clear aligners are suitable for patients who have maligned , or teeth which have gaps or crowded teeth. Individuals who have braces in the past but still have maligned teeth , clear aligner is one of the best option for all of them.

Because of the removal nature of these aligners patients can eat or drink whatever  they like as the treatment is almost invisible. 90% of the patients who have gone through this treatment recommend this to family and friends.

Invisalign is made to fit your lifestyle:

  • Clear transparent aligner, Invisible and fit for all ages
  • Completely removal, cannot obstruct in your daily routine activity.
  • No change in lifestyle related to eating, brushing or flossing.
  • Based upon your progress get a new set of aligner every two week
  • Track your progress easily with scheduled appointments

Invisalign Cost Bangalore

InvisalignTM  has given tremendous results in terms of creating thousands of amazing smiles worldwide for both adults as weell as teens. The cost of invisible braces is obviously higher as compared to traditional braces and vary dependent upon the nature and the severity of the issue. Please schedule your appointment to get your assessment done and get an estimate for the cost.

Our dentist will work on creating a customized treatment plan once you finalize and decide to go for the clear aligners option. Please see why 4 million people choose InvisalignTM  as preferred choice for clear aligners

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