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Ceramic & Metal Braces Bangalore

Ceramic & Metal Braces

Let us be the reason you smile more often.

At Dentistree Advanced Dental Center in Arekere Mico Layout Bangalore majority of the patients prefer ceramic braces over metal because of the colour. These braces are created according to your teeth colour. These are preferred because of the transparency and the individuals who want to to straighten their teeth without the ceramic wires and brackets are visible from far end.

Strong ceramic material is used to make these braces and generally these braces are stain resistance however care need to be taken at home to keep them stain free through regular brushing and flossing.
Because these are made from ceramic and less noticeable than traditional braces more and more patients select ceramic braces. Design and material used during treatment make you look good during the period of treatment and have a clear advantage over traditional metal braces. These are less noticeable as compared to metal braces and many people would not come to know whether you wearing braces or not.

Advantages of having Ceramic Braces

  • These are usually stain resistant , if the proper care is taken at home after every meal
  • Ceramic braces are made to match to colour of your teeth and make them less noticeable as compared to conventional metal appliances.

Metal Braces

If you are looking at Braces Dentist in Arekere JP Nagar u have a arrived at right place. At dentistree we use braces made from metal to straighten teeth. These are preferred amongst many children and teens. Due to the advanced technological changes metal braces have become more easier and comfortable to wear than how it used to before.

These are made from strong metal and can be used for treatment for any ages. These are silver color brackets attached to the teeth. During the first few days of treatment you may feel irritation in your teeth and gums, however after you get use to these braces it will not create any problem at all. Metal braces use elastic rubber band O Shaped, in dental terms known as ligature to hold arch wire strongly in the bracket.

Advantages of putting Metal Braces

  • These are currently most cost effective and one of the highly used option by many patient.
  • Teens prefer going with metal braces because of different colour band used generally in each appointment.
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