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Crown & Bridges

Best Dental Crowns and Bridges in Bangalore

One of the affordable and long lasting replacement solution is going through treatment with  Crowns and Bridges . These are one of the most effective and reliable restoration solution for missing and damaged teeth and also easy on pocket as compared to dental implants Dentistree Advanced Dental Center have a recapitalization in restorative procedures. Our focus is to provide you quality results to people who have damaged or missing teeth. Our best dentist in Bangalore for dental bridge ensure and advice to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid any dental issues in future Crowns Crown is basically also know as caps in dental terms, these are created in a after an impression is taken by our dentist. Once the crown is received our dentist is fix it on top of your existing tooth. Our dentist will work on trimming your existing roof of tooth and fix cap on top of that so that the remaining roots underneath can be held tightly and nothing breaks in long run. A crown helps in increasing the life of a weakened tooth and your original teeth can last for long. Crowns are made using different material it can be either metal, porcelain (Ceramic), or with both combinations Dental Crowns can be used for a number of reasons. Some common causes include:

  • Restoring tooth back to its original shape.
  • Strengthen a weakened tooth
  • Cosmetic Enhancement

Bridges Bridges are generally used with people who have missing teeth . As the name suggest they work as  bridge to fill the gap caused due to missing or removal of tooth. Bridges are used so that you adjacent teeth should be prevented and not moved out of place. Bridges are more effective than dentures as you don’t have to remove or adjust your eating habit while that is fixed, also these are more affordable as compared to Implants and works almost same as natural teeth. Bridge is generally created using two caps for the healthy teeth on the either end of missing or false tooth. Bridges are also available in either metal, porcelain or combination of both these materials. Bridges can be made only with a support of either natural teeth or dental implants. Either natural teeth or implants can support dental bridges. These are one of most conventional method of restoring missing teeth well before Implants came into picture. One of the preferred choice among many patients and one of the common treatment method used by many dentist. Benefits of having bridges include

  • Smile Restoration
  • Chewing and Speaking Properly
  • Maintaining your face shape
  • Ensuring and preventing remaining teeth should not move out of place.
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