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Dentures are used to fix missing teeth and restore your facial look, these are removal in nature and one of the affordable solutions for old age patients. Dentures are used to improve the appearance and your overall health. Due to age and other factors people loose natural teeth, this can be because of decay, gum issues or any accident or injury. Dentures will replace the missing teeth ,will give you a refreshing new look and make it easier for your to eat and speak which is very difficult to do without your natural tooth. There are multiple options available in Dentures , complete dentures or either partial dentures . A complete denture is used when you have lost all your tooth and it replaces all of the spaces in lower and upper jaws. Whereas a partial denture is used when there are spaced created because of missing and this is used to fill the gaps and spaces. These dentures are attached to your natural teeth through metal clasps which will hold them and make it easier for you to eat. o Dentures can be available to match the colour of your teeth so that there are no changes to your appearance and improve your looks and smile. Complete dentures are also of two types. Generally Dentures are fixed after removing all the teeth and dentist will wait for few days, weeks or months to have your gum tissues healed and after that he will take impression to create a Denture through a lab, these are called Conventional dentures . The other option is immediate complete denture which is fixed as soon as tooth is removed and patient do not have to be without teeth during the healing period. The dentist will take impressions on your initial visit and fix the immediate denture within 1-2 days after the teeth is removed. Patient may feel discomfort during first few weeks after wearing dentures until he/she get used to of wearing the appliance. Initially you may find it loose while your tongue or cheek muscle learn to maintain them. Time Period This completely depend upon case to case basis, and a time period can only be ascertain after a thorough examination

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