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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Bangalore

Dental implants are created using titanium material, A dental implant specialist will be creating artificial roots and tooth using this material to fix it under lower jaw bone.


A natural looking tooth is fixed on top of the implant to ensure patient facial shape remain unaffected and they maintain proper smile. We provide affordable dental implant treatment which are very stable, strong and will last long for many years. Occasionally you have to visit our clinic to ensure your implants remain tight after regular wear and tear.

On your initial consultation our dentist will ask for your treatment preference, availability in terms of timing, the treatment time period and the cost of treatment. After all these factors has been agreed upon our dentist will refer you to Dental Implant Specialist for all required treatment.

From Mid- 1960’s one of the treatment method used to replace missing teeth are Dental implants. The look and feel of implants are very natural and look like original teeth. Three Major components are used in each implant- A screw like fixture goes into the bone which is made from titanium, abutment which is a metal piece attached on top of screw which goes  above gum line, and lastly a cap which sits above abutment which can be either ceramic or metal. Once Implant is fixed you will not be able to differentiate between natural and implant teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Bring your original smile back; no one will be able to differentiate between natural and implanted teeth.
  • Speaking confidently no more murmuring because of missing teeth
  • No more hassles of removing and fixing like Dentures, your mouth feels fully comfortable with implants .
  • No restriction on eating , eat whatever you like and you will not feel any discomfort in chewing
  • Strong , Reliable and long lasting. They will last for many years. Life of Implants completely dependent upon your oral hygiene like brushing, flossing and regular dental visits.
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