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Root Canal Treatment

Best Root Canal Treatment Services Bangalore

Our dentist are well experience and qualified to provide Root Canal Treatment Arekere JP Nagar, Bangalore. It is one of the well known and valuable method that is used preserve and treat teeth where the roots are badly infected. A natural cavity that gets occurred in the center of the tooth is known as “root canal treatment”. The soft tissues inside the tooth are treatment using these procedures. Pulp is live portion of tooth which goes till the root and contains nerve endings and tissues. Patients experience pain and swelling when it gets infected, in some of the cases if the tooth is not treated on time it needs to be extracted to save other teeth moving out of position. Root canal treatment works on cleaning the infected root and removing the damaged part of the tooth.

Our dentist will take Dental X-ray to assess whether pulp has become damaged by bacterial infection, if the tooth is infected RCT will be recommended . Once the pulp is infected you will develop toothache and the pulp will not heal on its own unless treated. Bacteria will multiply and spread once the tooth becomes infected therefore it is always advisable to see your dentist regularly to avoid oral health issues.

At Dentistree Advanced Dental Center, we strive to use the best in class techniques, instrument and procedures. We feel proud in making our patients happy, safe and comfortable.

Most common reasons which effect pulp are

  • Not treating dental decays for long periodsUntreated tooth decays for prolonged periods
  • Tooth effected due to injury
  • Teeth Grinding Habits (Bruxism)
  • Discolorations of teeth
  • Feeling pain and tenderness during chewing

Treatment Steps:-

  • Our Dentist will do thorough clinical examination and X-ray.
  • Based upon X-ray results our dentist will give local anesthesia and open root canal Opening the root canal under local anesthesia.
  • Damaged pulp is removed, Canal are properly cleaned and shaped.
  • A material called guttapercha which is a rubbery material is used to permanently seal the Canals.
  • Finally a crown is placed on top of treated tooth to prevent it from Fracture.

One of the major advantages of root canal treatment include that we do not have to remove the damaged tooth. Like all other treatment this can also stay lifelong with good oral hygiene and care.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the third and last set of molars found at the very back of the mouth. Most people get them during their late teens or early twenties. They are properly positioned in some people but they may require removal when they are misaligned or are impacted(stuck in the bone).

When misaligned, wisdom teeth can grow in any direction even horizontally (sleeping tooth). This causes crowding and damages the adjacent teeth, the jaw and to some extent, the nerves. Those that grow leaning towards other molars may  cause food particles to get stuck there eventually causing decay in the adjacent teeth. Impacted teeth are those that remain partially or completely  within the soft tissues or bone. Wisdom tooth that only partially erupts through the gums leaves an opening for food particles and  bacteria to enter and multiply and cause recurring infections.

Let your dentist examine and take x-rays to see the positioning of your wisdom teeth.  Your dentist or oral surgeon may even advise extractions even before they completely erupt  if the position of the wisdom tooth is malaligned and there is no chance for normal eruption. This can prevent a more serious and painful removal later on. It is better to remove wisdom teeth early usually in the late teens, when the root formation is incomplete and the bones around the teeth are less dense.

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