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Gum Treatment

Gum Disease Treatment

One of the important element in keeping your oral hygiene is healthy gums which protect your teeth.Periodontics treatment work on assessing gum disease and work on preserving tissues surrounding the teeth which in turn effect your oral health It encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases that can affect the health of your mouth. Gum disease is majorly cause by bacteria accumulation which is generated over a period of time from Dental Plaque which inflames and cause gum damage.The bacteria effect below the gum where it break the support between tooth and the tissues supporting the attachment. Gingivitis or Gum disease does not cause any pain or swelling initially and develop slowly, this disease can begin around any age. In some case you will not be able to encounter any symptoms till the time it spreads out to the bone supporting the tooth (Periodontitis). If not treated on time this will eventually result loss of bone and you will end up loosing your tooth.

Periodontal/Gum Disease Symptoms

There are few obvious sign and symptoms for gum disease, some of the most common are highlighted below.

  • Blood coming out from Gums during Brusing
  • Swelling, Redness, tender gums
  • Loose and shaking teeth
  • Consistent sign of bad breath coming from mouth
  • Taste is bad while chewing food
  • Difference in biting of tooth

There are multiple treatment options to perform gum disease treatment, some include scaling, professional cleaning and root planing. In some case only antibiotics are required to fight the infection. Some advance treatment options are bone and tissue grafts, flap procedures, bone treatment and tissue regeneration. Healthy Gums means healthy life for your teeth.

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