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Regular Check-ups

Importance of Regular Check Up ?

Do u want a bright and healthy smile lifelong? for this you need to visit your dentist regularly.

At Dentistree we are looking to provide you a safe and comfortable environment in order for you to do so with complete confidence and trust. During your initial appointment our dentist gather key information about your past medical and dental history if any. You need provide your details in a pre-formatted form for our clinical records.
Our Dentist will ensure thorough examination of your oral and para-oral structures is carried out.Your dental hygiene is also noted along with your main complaint or concerns. Your dental needs are explained to you and a tentative treatment plan is chalked up.

Our Treatments

At Dentistree Advanced Dental all our treatments are evidence based and according to the vast experience collected over the years. We ensure that we use the best in class equipment in order to diagnose the disease so that patient benefits the maximum from the treatment.

Our treatment plan will include:

  • Understanding the chief complaint of the patient  (Tooth painrestorative dentistry, teeth cleaning or smile design) and provide treatment plan accordingly.
  • Identifying and telling you about the other dental issues and you can rectify them before they become severe   (cleaning of the decay before it reaches the bottom of your nerve or removing your weakened tooth before it causes significant pain, etc.
  • Our dentist will explain preventive measures which will help patient in avoiding decay and pain in future .(regular scaling and fillings to prevent decay in future).
  • Lifestyle changes are explained to maintain and take care of teeth and gums ( correct way to brush your teeth, flossing after every meal , avoiding fizzy drinks etc)

Care and comfort

We carry out meticulous sterilization procedures in order to protect you from infections.

We also ensure to wash all instruments, chemically treat and use the autoclaved tool whenever we see any new patient.

  •  All procedures within the practice comply IDA guidelines.
  • the patient is completely in charge as before any procedure they need to sign off.

Frequency of visit?

After examination of your Oral health, our Dentist will advise the frequency of visit. For individuals who have healthy gum & teeth, you can schedule visit to the dentist once in six months. Schedule your appointments today to avoid any problems in the future

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