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Diagnostic & X-ray

Dental X-ray

At Dentistree we utilize advanced Dental X-ray technology in our clinic. Dental X-ray help our dentist to more accurately detect and diagnose dental problems.

Dental X-ray are one of widely-used preventive and diagnostic tool . Our dentist uses this tool to locate damage and disease that isn’t visible to the naked eye

Dental X-rays is one of the most useful and essential radio-graphic device. This will help your dentist in identifying actual damage and severity which might  not be evident during regular oral health checkup.

Many patient are initially hesitant and sometimes question the necessity of dental xray. But for the benefit of patient Dental Xray can prove to be the difference between whether you retain your teeth for life or end up having teeth extracted.

Frequency and number of X-rays depends on many factors and your dentist is the best judge for that.

Our team will keep your history for our future records, examine your teeth and gums and then take a call on whether X-ray is needed or not.

When you visit our clinic for the first time, our dentist may suggest X-rays to assess the current state of your oral health. This will act as a reference point to help, showcase and identify changes that can happen in future.

Types of Dental x-ray offered:

  • Small intra oral digital x-ray

A dental consultation helps you find a dentist who is right for you. During the initial interaction the dentist tells you about the services they will offer you, and all the equipment we have at our disposal.

Our dentist will create a treatment plan for you once you decide and agree for treatment. Our dentist will make sure to inform you regarding the date and time of treatment

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