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Scaling And Teeth Cleaning Cost In Bangalore

Scaling is removal of tartar and stains from teeth. In Addition, Our dentist will educate and instruct patient on  cleaning your teeth effectively at home every day. All things considered prevention is better than cure. In addition, your daily oral hygiene routine is especially important in maintaining healthy teeth.

Dentists agree that it is equally important to maintain daily oral hygeine. Furthermore, this routine  should consists of brushing twice a day and inerproximal cleaning with floss or interdental brush or waterpik.

Healthy gums are equally important and essential for a healthy mouth. Given these point, recent research links periodontal disease with Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer, respiratory disease and cancer. Therefore, maintaining oral hygiene is very important.

Three stages of Dental Scaling

  • UltraSonic Instruments
  • Fine Hand Tools
  • Polishing

Ultra Sonic Instruments

Scaling is done using ultrasonic device which generates vibrations to remove big pieces and loose plaque. The device then uses water to clean away large debris while maintaining the proper temperature inside the mouth.

The ultrasonic instrument tips  designed to keep your teeth healthy since the objective is only remove plaque and not to Injure or fracture your teeth.

Initially you may feel discomfort but usually it is mild if it is unbearable During the course of treatment you can inform dentist so that he/she can adjust device setting accordingly .

Not to mention, if the cleaning not done on regular basis your teeth will have lots of plaque. Generally this takes longer time to clean the area.

Therefore, your cleaning will take long time if you are visiting dentist after long period of time.

For Example if the house not cleaned for 6 months the cleaning time usually takes longer versus cleaning it every week. therefore it will take time to remove tartar accumulated over many years.

Cleaning using Hand Tools

Additionally, in second step dentist uses hand tools to clean your teeth further after removing larger amount of Plaque.

Finally, the dentist will start cleaning the area using hand device (curettes and scalers ) to clean the smaller area if needed .


In Conclusion, after checking that all the teeth are clean, the dentist will start working toward polishing your teeth.

Furthermore, the dentist will use a separate hand piece device  to polish your teeth. In Addition, Prophylaxis paste and a device like cup  spun around on the teeth to increase the shine and clean your teeth.

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