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Root Canal Treatment Procedure


Root Canal is one of the most popular terms in the world and is certainly one of the prominent problems among all the dental problems in the world. Although, it is generally linked to a particular type of treatment, which isn’t exactly what it means. A root canal is mainly a section in your tooth. The hollow portion present in your tooth is called root canal and consists of blood vessels, nerve tissue and some other cells, which in combination is known as pulp.

The root in your tooth works in order to connect the jawbone with the tooth. The pulp present in the root canal constantly serves to nourish the tooth and enhance moisture among the materials surrounding the tooth. Root canal as in the treatment is an endodontic therapy, which reflects the surgery done inside the tooth. If you have serious pain inside your tooth, then immediately look for root canal treatment, Bangalore.

Procedures Involved in Root Canal

  1. The endodontic therapy takes place in 3 major steps and patients might require to attend the three-day session. The stages of Root canal treatment follows as,
  2. Cleansing of the root canal: The patient is injected with local anesthesia, after which a small hole is made in the tooth’s surface to access the dead or infected pulp tissue via small files.
  3. Root Canal Filling: Next step in the procedure is filling with the canal, before which dentist decontaminates and shapes the hollow area, again with the help of small files and irrigation liquids. The filling is done through a rubber-like material which is sealed afterwards with an adhesive cement.
  4. Filling or Crown Adding: In absence of pulp, it is necessary to provide a ligament to the tooth which connects it with the bone and continues the supply of nourishment. This nourishment is suitable, however, there are possibilities that a tooth becomes fragile with time, hence filling or crown would help it in providing support.

Bangalore, being one of the best locations for dental treatment offers various excellent options to prevent dental damage. You can look for the best root canal treatment, Bangalore for extensive care.

How painful is it?

Generally, pain occurs in root canal surgeries due to the infection and not because of treatment. Local anaesthesia works perfectly well to alleviate the pain by numbing the area.

Dentists even provide medication for after-pain relieving. Root canal treatment has always been avoided, following the painful stories. Although if you lookout for a specialised painless dental treatment, Bangalore, then possibly you will get a chance to stay calm and relaxed throughout the treatment.

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