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FAQs about Invisalign

How much does Invisalign cost in Bangalore, India?

Are you considering whether or not to have Invisalign? Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses invisible, removable aligners instead of traditional metal or ceramic braces. Invisalign has quickly revolutionized the orthodontics world because it offers patients an alternative other than metal brackets. Patients wear a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that help shift their teeth in the right position. Invisalign is popular among patients who don’t want to wear braces, people who were previously treated with braces but teeth shifted again, and teenagers who are concerned with appearance or athletes the list goes on. For many people though the choice comes down to cost – how much does Invisalign cost in India? Are they worth it? Or are you better off going the more traditional route?

Understanding Invisalign and price options

Invisalign is a series of aligners that gradually move your teeth into their perfect positions. In this article, we look at the different offerings and prices for Invisalign. The average cost of Invisalign in India is usually higher than regular braces, but still cheaper than abroad. The price varies by manufacturer, but the average cost is between $3,500 and $8,000 in US dollars. Prices in India are typically around 1.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs. Patients at our Exclusive Center in Bangalore usually pay a higher discounted price. You would love to check it out by simply getting in touch with us.

Why is Invisalign expensive?

Invisalign is more expensive than some other orthodontic treatments, but it doesn’t require the use of metal brackets or wires. Invisalign is a high-quality product, made available by Align Technology, Inc. The latest technology they use involves digital intraoral scanning, CADCAM based treatment planning and 3-D printing. The extent of required alignment and the number of needed aligners will determine the cost of your Invisalign treatment. Your orthodontist will be able to talk to you about the details and different options you have. From what we know so far, most dental insurance plans usually cover Invisalign abroad but many don’t offer this option in India at all.

There are many different treatment options for orthodontic cases. You’ll need to talk with your dentist to decide which is the best option for your individual needs. The Invisalign cost may be higher than regular braces, but it has some unique advantages. There’s a level of discreetness, and you’re able to take the aligners out and brush your teeth. If money is a big concern for you, talk to your dentist about payment options. Some providers offer flexible plans that can spread out the cost over a longer period.

The difference between Invisalign and cheaper Aligners delivered to your home

There is a new trend in the market (read: danger) called at-home aligners. Clear aligners are essentially a plastic retainer that’s made of two halves. One half is glued to your teeth, fitting snugly and convex. The other half stays in the part of your mouth that can move. This clear elastic band presses on the teeth and moves them gently into place.

It’s a good idea to ask yourself whether or not it’s safe to use these aligners without the supervision of a dentist. Why are they cheaper? Our answer is because we want all individuals to be able to afford good orthodontics. It still may be worth it even if they’re cheaper because you can still get the results you’re looking for, without having to spend a lot of money.

One thing that all orthodontists agree on is that these at-home aligner companies are terrible. Too often, after patients come to us for second opinions or treatment of orthodontic damage, we find out they relied on these treatments. You only get one set of teeth, so why risk your dental health just to save a few bucks?

What makes the costs differ so much among different dentists?

Since Invisalign is one of the original brands to introduce clear orthodontic aligners, they’ve treated more than 13 million patients around the world. As a result, their name is often used as a substitute for the product itself – much like how “Xerox” is often used to refer to photocopies. So if you’re given something that says it’s Invisalign, beware! It might be an imitation!

When it comes to orthodontic devices, many companies have cropped up and set their own price. Unfortunately, they failed to deliver the results they’ve promised, leaving many patients upset.

Only orthodontists certified by Invisalign can provide you with the best possible treatment. The aligners they use are more expensive, but it’s a one-time purchase that differs from other brands sold by general dentists who are not trained in Orthodontics, and these brands cost less. It’s important to clarify which type of aligner you’re interested in so you’re not misled.

The cheapest dentist may not be the best one in the long-term. We never use short-cuts, cheaply made materials, or techniques that will only last for a short time. Teeth are an investment that deserve our best work.

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