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Worried About Fixing Gummy Smile Tips that Can Help

If you have a gummy smile and are worried that it ruins the look of your smile, this guide will help you out. We cover all the factors that need to be considered and provide treatment options to create a healthy, beautiful smile.

Gummy smile is the name for the effect on your gum line where the line separates enough that you can see gum through it. People with a gummy smile have an insufficient amount of tooth showing when they smile. A gummy smile is medically known as excessive gum display. The condition occurs when you expose more than 2 millimeters of gum tissue. While experts agree that attractive smiles should only show 2 millimeters or less, those with a Gummy Smile will expose more than 4 millimeters of their gum tissues. According to statistics, 14 percent of women and 7 percent of men have a Gummy Smile.

Common Causes of Gummy Smile

The most common causes of gummy smile are:

– Too much teeth pushing on the bottom lip.

– The line or angle of the jaw is too high or too low, which affects the position of your lips and mouth.

– Your teeth are crowded or crooked and overhang your lower lip.

– Teeth are missing that would otherwise help give some support to your lips and prevent them from being pulled down by the upper teeth.

What is the treatment procedure for gummy smile?

Crown Lengthening Treatment

Crown treatment is one of the most common and viable options for treating gummy smile. Let’s take a closer look at the procedure of crown lengthening treatment.

Crown Lengthening Treatment* involves removing extra gum tissues and the underlying bones to reshape the teeth structure in order to expose its full length. In most cases, this procedure is completed in order to correct overgrown gums and drooping or warped teeth. For many people, it can help to keep their teeth looking their natural selves and avoid the need for unnecessary dental work. When gum becomes atypically large, it may also increase your risks of periodontal diseases. In addition, removing the extra tissue can restore your dental health and enhance the natural appearance of your smile.


If you’re considering a dental surgery in Bangalore, the dentist will first look at your x-rays and other medical reports. Your teeth may need to be cleaned before the procedure. They’ll put a temporary filling over your tooth. This will make the surgery simple and allow them to assess how much tissue and teeth need to be removed.

The surgical procedure for crown lengthening is done under anesthesia. The number of teeth that need treatment determines the length of the surgery. Even if one tooth is being treated, you will have neighboring teeth that need to be taken into account. You may also have bones around the roots of your teeth removed in order to expose enough tooth structure during the process. By the end of the surgery, your teeth will appear longer and you can restore a correct balance between your gums and teeth.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, gummy smile can have an impact on your smile and increase your risk of periodontal diseases. That’s why it’s vital to remove excessive gums so you don’t get them in the first place! Make sure you schedule an appointment with us to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

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